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60946 Kimberbell Home Thread Collection


60977 Kimberbell Whisk Christmas Thread Collection


60999 Kimberbell Vintage Boardwalk Thread Collection Glide Thread


61007 Glide Kimberbell Love Notes Collection Thread


61009 Glide Kimberbell Twilight Boo-levard Collection Thread


8210M-W White Tiny Dots Kimberbell


8241M-CP Peachy Pink Dotted Circles Kimberbell


8245M-PR Pink/Red Cheerful Cherries Kimberbell


8246M-WW White on White Doodles Kimberbell


9397M-S Sunshine Herringbone Texture Kimberbell


FQ-MASWYMC We Whisk You a Merry Christmas! (15) FQ Bundle


Jingle All The Way Kimberbell Fabric Kit w/CD and Book


KD194 Ginger's Kitchen Bench Pillow Sewing Book Kimberbell


KD201 Kimberbell Curated: Enchanted


KD202 Kimberbell Curated: Citrus & Sunshine


KD203 Curated: Home for the Holidays Kimberbell CD Embroidery


KD503 CD A Kimberbell Winter Volume 1 Machine Embroidery


KD505 Kimberbell Spring Volume 1


KD507 Kimberbell Holiday Seasonal Mug Rugs, Volume 1 Embroidery CD


KD508 Kimberbell Cuties 12 Seasnl Tbltopers Companion CD


KD509 CD A Kimberbell Summer, Volume I


KD510 Machine Embroidery CD: A Kimberbell Summer, Volume 2: In the Garden


KD5100 Heart Felt Friends Kimberbell


KD5101 Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow Embroidery Pattern - ME


KD5103 Candy Cane Lane Bench Pillow Machine Embroidery Version


KD5104 Emma's Collage Pillows


KD5106 Playful Pet Kerchiefs Kimberbell Machine Embroidery Design CD


KD511 Oh, the Possibilities for Halloween! Kimberbell Embroidery CD


KD512 Oh, the Possibilities for Christmas (Companion CD) Kimberbell


KD513 Kimberbell Little Ones: Born to be Wild ME CD


KD514 CD Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow (Machine Embroidery CD) Kimberbell


KD517 Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs Volume 2 ME CD Kimberbell


KD518 Oh, the Possibilities for Winter (ME Companion CD) Kimberbell


KD519 Oh, The Possibilities for Spring (ME Companion CD) Kimberbell


KD523 Kimberbell America, Land That I Love - Bench Pillow (ME)


KD527 Kimberbell Halloween Boo! Bench Pillow (Machine Embroidery)


KD530 Kimberbell Happy Birthday! Bench Pillow (ME)


KD531 Oh, the Possibilities for Fall! (ME Companion CD) Kimberbell


KD532 It's a Cinch! Gift Bags Vol 1 Halloween Kimberbell


KD533 It's a Cinch! Gift Bags, Volume 2: Christmas Kimberbell


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